What We Value

The pneumonic "Koha" is used to describe the fundamental values of Te Rōpū Mate Huka ō Aotearoa. The word "Koha" comes from the Vision Statement

"Te Koha O te Ora"


"One mind, one deed from the four winds, towards the pathway of wellness."

Te Rōpū Mate Huka ō Aotearoa has a strong commitment to work toward achieving a common objective, drawing on the strengths of the membership who representative of iwi from Ngā Hau e Wha.


The notion of total wellbeing for whānau Māori is central to the value that Te Rōpū Mate Huka prescribes to.


Te Rōpū Mate Huka is guided by tikanga. Embodied in the word "Hau" is the principle that life is sacred.

Hauora Whanau

Whānau well-being is a paramount value that Te Rōpū Mate Huka strives to aim for in its quest to reduce diabetes amongst Māori.


Aroha is a value that is highly prized both in terms of the aroha for the kaupapa and for the respective members of Te Rōpū Mate Huka.


The pathway; the right pathway. There is a pathway mapped out for the future of Te Rōpū Mate Huka and it is the belief of the members that the pathway laid out is "the right way."